About Us

The Story of Hoko

Founder, Te Ariki, created Hoko due to many medium to large Kiwi businesses not being given the airtime or opportunity to market and sell their products effectively on an existing marketplace. Many smaller businesses, too, particularly in the fashion industry, were trending on a small scale with their quality products but needed an avenue to scale up their business. That’s where an online hub for NZ products and services first came to mind. With international competitors encroaching further into the NZ market and sweeping up the competition with their large budgets for marketing, Te Ariki realised there was a lack of awareness and capacity for NZ businesses to adequately compete. Hoko came to life, bringing with it Kiwi products and services readily and suitably available to consumers.

Who We Are

Te Ariki is in his final year of law and commerce at the University of Auckland, majoring in Economics and has a plethora of experience in leadership and business both locally and abroad. Growing up on a farm down in the Manawatū, Te Ariki is passionate about the outdoors and the local community. Serving on an iwi board and a start-up board that aspires to develop rangatahi Leadership, Te Ariki pours everything into growing both New Zealand communities and businesses – Hoko being an expansion of that passion and economic expertise.

Supporting Local Manufacturers

Many New Zealand Manufacturers do not get the exposure or platform they deserve. Hoko allows these companies to promote their products and get greater exposure. Being on-shore, NZ manufacturers have efficient production lines and can often produce at high rates, making them locally sourced options for many industries instead of offshore outsourcing.

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